Silas and Natalie

Free: 1 unbelievable marriage story. Original owners, seats 4. 18yrs old, a bit worn but runs better than new. A few Dents from 5 collisions with Psychosis. Some minor Paint scratches from 10 mental hospital detours. Scratches can be buffed out, dents add character. Aftermarket Lord & Son seatbelts work great. Insured by JC Fidelity Trust. Safest rig, on and off the road. Not mint condition but Bluebook says priceless. Call to schedule a test drive. Sincerely, feel free to file this away or respond if you feel lead. We have a story, we are not shy, but we are also not proud of it either. It's God's story in our lives.

Three years into our marriage Bipolar-Schizoaffective moved in. It's a mental illness that will bring new meaning to the phrase "they're just not the same person I married". It will make you question your salvation when you hear voices in your head. It will drive you to beg people to kill you. It will convince a young mother that caring for her babies means getting herself as far away from them as humanly possible. And then one day you'll get better. But better is different now: shame, guilt, anger at God, anger at self, & self loathing. The nightmares are the first thing you think of every morning, until one day it's the second thing. Eventually you'll see that you've got another chance at life, and take it. Then one day after a few years you'll wake up and see that it's back.

15 years, 10 mental hospital commitments, 5 psychotic decompensations, 2 beautiful children, and 1 suicide attempt later; we are still here, still married, and still believe that no matter what we are going through... God is good.


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