My story is very similar to Giulia's... except that because of my bipolar diagnosis & history in my family, I decided not to have kids.  My young marriage didn't survive my relapse. The interview and your article gave me a new lens through which to understand the struggles my now-ex-husband faced and to have more empathy for him. Your story is important and powerful.  It will help many people.
I'm very lucky that I have family to support me, I found a medication mix that's working & I'm now remarried. I'm now a group leader for Recovery International, a mental health self help CBT program. I still wait and wonder when the shoe is going to drop again.  I go to sleep each night knowing I'm doing all I can to take care of myself.  The rest is up to my body which is outside my control.  The solace I have is that every time I have gotten sick, I have also eventually gotten well.  As bad as it gets, there are no hopeless cases.
"For more information about Recovery International visit"
Recovery International (RI for short) is a non-profit organization dedicated to providing coping tools and peer support cognitive behavioral training.  It is a valuable community resource that more people should know about. Outside of professional care & medication, going to RI meetings is the best thing I have ever done for my mental health.



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