I just read your, My lovely wife article. I found it from google, typed in my wife is phsycotic. I'm going through almost the same thing, I'm laying on my coach right now trying to figure out how I can get out of this marriage, while keeping her safe and our 2 yr old girl safe. I love her to death, she's my best friend. We have been married 4 years and been happy for most of that, a year after our baby was born, she started drinking heavily. She went to detox a few times, and a 30 day inpatient, she's been clean for a few months and what I thought was a alcoholproblem turned very quickly into mental health problems. Now I find out she's always been phsycotic. she's also suicidal. She hurts herself.  Today I told her dad he had to come get her because Im scared. The funny thing is, my parents and the few people who know, constantly tell me, you need to leave her, even her dad told me that. No one understands that I love her, and I too vowed to always take care of her, when she's good, we're great when she's bad we fight quietly away from the baby, when I read your article I thought wow, there's a man who gets it. But I know if I leave her she will fall off the deep end, if I stay with her and support her, am I the stupid one for not finding someonebetter? or do I stick it out and know that this is something we have to deal with forever, I drew my cards, deal with it kinda thing.  I'm lost right now and want out for mine and our baby sake. Even though I love her I'm not sure if it's worth it, everything you said is how our marriage has been and how I feel about doctors now is exactly what you said, I was the bad guy by trying to get her help, I was the bad guy by being strict and telling her to listen to the docs. I really enjoyed your article, thank you.

update: My wife ended her life on January 13 2016. Gunshot to the head in our car while I was asleep. I found her 530am. No need for sympathy. I'm past all that and I'm able to talk about it now. My daughter and I are doing well, she's 3 now.  My wife was not a bad person. She just wasn't able to go on with life. I have no explanation of why she did it, she did not leave me a note. But I know she loved us very much and I know that myself or my daughter was not to blame. She had her own demons. She gave me my daughter and I'm thankful for that.


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