I am turning 32 next month, and on Easter had the (tearful) realization that it was 9 years to the day that I was released from my first hospitalization where I was diagnosed with Bipolar Disorder.  I have since been hospitalized three times.  I have successfully managed (to me that means psychosis free) my diagnosis with meds for 5 and a half years at this point.  While psychosis feels far away in some regards, I am in constant awareness that it could jump out at me again.  While the story of you and your wife touched me on a personal level, what I really found myself relating to was your stance.  See, my boyfriend suffers from chronic pain (interesting pair, huh?).  I find myself again and again taking the caregiver role.  Thinking I know what is best for him- better than he knows... kind of like what you'd said about your wife.  I don't know where we'll end up.  Roles may be reversed as I face my own demons at some point.  But listening to the two of you and reading your article has made me realize that we can move forward in this together.  ***

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