I am a mother of 3 and have suffered severe postnatal depression with psychotic episodes, your article has helped me understand my husband more than I thought I already did. Reading your article, in parts, took me back to my hospitalisation after our second child. Nineteen years later my husband still sees me as having an illness, while I would disagree with him, I guess similar to your wife, he is right, as long as he doesn't define me as the illness. Yes, I still take anti depressants and am happy to take them, knowing that it is probably a lifelong commitment.

Now my eldest daughter (19 years old) who was diagnosed with severe anxiety depression at the age of 8 is taking us on the emotional roller coaster of mental illness. At the age of 14 she attempted an OD and was hospitalised in a secure unit for adolescents.

My poor husband must feel wrung out- 2 in 1 family.

update: Since then my daughter has been hospitalised, in fact she was just discharged over a week ago.
And so we continue this awful battle...


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