I am a strong believer in speaking up about mental illness, and have done so at universities, businesses, schools, hospitals, mental health organizations, storytelling events, and fundraisers. My main messages are around hope, love, and family, and I have found that audiences are hungry to hear stories from a caregiving perspective. Visit the Contact page to be in touch if you are interested in pursuing a speaking opportunity. My speaking fee varies depending upon factors such location and scope.


We were so incredibly fortunate to have Mark Lukach come to the Kaiser San Francisco Medical Center. He shared his experience as a caregiver to his wife, Giulia, and through his poignant storytelling, he opened our eyes to the toll that mental illness and its uncertainty can have on relationships, love, and identity. In addition, Mark provided concrete suggestions about how we as healthcare providers can better help our psychotic patients and their families. As an emergency physician, I have treated many patients with mental illness, and I gained so much insight and patient perspective from Mark after reading his book and hearing him speak. It has definitely changed the way I think about and interact with my patients.
Dr. Ingrid Lim
Chief, Continuing Medical Education at Kaiser San Francisco
Assistant Clinical Professor, UCSF
Emergency Physician, Kaiser San Francisco

Mark Lukach spoke in San Francisco at the annual meeting of the American Psychological Association. He’s an engaging speaker, even for a sophisticated group of practicing psychologists. Mark connected immediately with the audience of psychologists who appreciated his frank, sometimes emotional, account of his experiences. He showed how mental illness is a family affair. By giving a voice to the families of individuals with serious mental health challenges, he inspired hope and gave recognition to a long-neglected group.
Linda M. Richardson, Ph.D.
Director, Next Steps
NAMI San Diego
President, Division 18 (Public Service), American Psychological Association

How many times do you meet someone and say to yourself “Wow?” I’m guessing not many, but you certainly say that and even out loud when you meet Mark Lukach and hear his story. I was asked to “Have a Conversation” with Mark in front of a library crowd that was to hear him speak about his book. I couldn’t wait as his story was like none other and told like none other. The audience was taken by every word he said. An amazing speaker, with a sincerity to match. He had every single person in the room glued to his every thought. He is remarkable. His story is incredible and one full of love and inspiration that needs to be shared.
Lissa Kreisler
Bay Area Radio Hall of Fame and Host of KCAT series “Community Storytelling”

Mark Lukach was a featured speaker during Goldman Sachs’ Disability Awareness month in 2017, where he lectured to a global audience of about 500 people about how mental illness impacted his marriage, and the influence it has had and continues to have on his role as a husband and father. Mark is an incredible speaker! During his lecture, Mark engaged and inspired an audience somewhat uncomfortable with open conversations about mental health in the work place. Within the first five minutes of his lecture, however, Mark’s honesty broke down the corporate walls and connected with everyone in attendance; some actively working with a disability, but most of whom were open-minded colleagues willing to deepen their understanding of mental health challenges. Mark was certainly a catalyst for change, and has helped foster greater dialogue around mental health issues and increased awareness at Goldman Sachs.
Levee Brooks
Goldman Sachs
Managing Director
Goldman, Sachs & Co.

I have been a member and past chair of the program committee of the Rotary Club of San Jose, some 400 members, for 16 years.  We evaluate our weekly speakers, and Mark Lukach had one of the highest ratings, and for good reason.  Mark was not only an outstanding speaker, he was engaging, sensitive and covered a tough subject with humor and compassion.  I recommend him for a speaker for any audience.
Gay Crawford
Program Committee
Rotary Club of San Jose
Below are a few clips from media sources that should give you a sense of my approach to speaking.

Mark Lukach's entire life changed in an instant when he got home from work. He tells the story of he and his wife's struggle with mental illness at The Moth Main Stage Event on February 15, 2013 in New York City. The Moth is an acclaimed not-for-profit organization dedicated to the art and craft of storytelling.

Full audio of "No Matter What," as told at The Moth Mainstage, available at their website

Video of a talk given at TEDxMonterey in March 2013.